The Best VPNs for Mac 2019


If you specifically need a VPN for Mac OS X then you have slightly different needs. Not every VPN has a top-of-the-range app for Macs and MacBooks. The list below has been carefully curated by testing all the best VPNs that have software for Mac computers.


This Romanian VPN excels when it comes to Mac software. The client works seamlessly, and it provides strong OpenVPN encryption by default. It also has a killswitch, which means this VPN is suitable for torrenting. DNS leak protection is enabled by default, but you should disable IPv6 when you use this VPN on a Mac (for privacy reasons). CyberGhost has servers in over 60 countries and all those servers are lightning fast for streaming. Also, this VPN unblocks Netflix US and BBC iPlayer on Mac computers. You can test this service for 45 days with the money-back guarantee. A real bargain.


This no logs VPN provider is based in Panama. It is a superb VPN service that has excellent software for Mac. Although the client isn’t as fully featured on Mac as it is on Windows, it still has all the most important features that you are likely to need; including a killswitch. Unlike CyberGhost, NordVPN has IKEv2 encryption by default on its Mac app. However, this is still incredibly secure. We love this VPN because it is easy to use and because it provides lightning fast connections in over 60 countries. It also unblocks Netflix US and BBC iPlayer. You can test it thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.


ExpressVPN is excellent for Mac OS X because it has a fully featured service with OpenVPN encryption. This VPN is a zero-logs service, and it has servers in 94 countries. ExpressVPN is well known for providing lightning-fast connection speeds, and it unblocks popular services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer. The Mac app is easy to use, and it comes with a killswitch which means it is suitable for Torrenting. Perhaps the only drawback with Express is that it is quite pricey. However, if you want something solid, this is a great VPN for Mac.


This VPN provider is from Sweden; a location regarded as great for privacy services. It also implements a zero logs policy and has OpenVPN encryption by default on its Mac client. Servers are located in over 50 countries and this VPN unblocks popular services like Netflix and iPlayer. The software for Mac doesn’t have a killswitch. So if you want to BitTorrent look elsewhere. However, if you want a cheap VPN for unblocking streams and watching more Netflix, this is an excellent option.


This VPN is based in Switzerland and it has a zero-logs policy. It is also the first ever VPN to publish a full third-party audit of its service. The VPN has lightning fast servers located in over 70 countries, and it unblocks popular services like iPlayer and Netflix US. The Mac client implements a choice of L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN encryption. That means this VPN can keep your data secure both at home and on public WiFi. Perhaps the only drawback of this service is that its parent company is based in the US; this may frighten off the most paranoid of subscribers. However, the reality is that it is not an issue. We rate this VPN highly and think it is worth a test run using its 30-day money-back guarantee.