The Best VPN for Windows 2019


Windows is the most supported platform of all. With more options available on the market, we understand that choosing can be even harder! Our experts have tested all the market-leading VPNs to put together this list of the best VPN for Windows:


It is perhaps no surprise that the best Overall VPN is also the best VPN for Windows. This VPN has an easy-to-use app for Windows that provides a massive amount of features. A killswitch means that it is perfect for Torrenting, and because this VPN is zero logs, you never have to worry about data privacy. Being based in Panama is also fantastic for privacy, and, this VPN has DNS leak protection, obfuscation/stealth mode, double hop encryption, VPN into Tor, and a choice of encryption (UDP and TCP). Servers are located in over 60 countries so this VPN is perfect for streaming Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It also provides lightning fast connections and has 24/7 live chat support. Definitely the best for Windows and you can test it with its 30-day money-back guarantee.


This VPN is based in Romania and has a zero logs policy. The Windows software is exceptional, and this VPN is extremely good value for money. The client is easy to use on desktops and laptops and it is secure thanks to strong OpenVPN encryption. The Windows app has a killswitch, which means this VPN is suitable for torrenting. DNS leak protection is enabled by default which means this VPN never suffers from data leaks. CyberGhost has servers in over 60 countries and all those servers are lightning fast for streaming. What’s more, this VPN unblocks Netflix US and BBC iPlayer on all Windows machines. You can test this service for 45 days thanks to its money-back guarantee.


ExpressVPN is a superb Windows VPN that is fantastic for all consumers. It is a fully featured service that comes with military grand OpenVPN encryption. ExpressVPN is a zero-logs service, and it is based in the British Virgin Islands; which is great for privacy. It has servers in 94 countries, and they are all lightning fast for streaming or gaming. ExpressVPN also unblocks popular services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer. The Windows app is easy to use, and the VPN has 24/7 live chat support. It also has a killswitch which means it is suitable for P2P downloading. The only slight drawback is that ExpressVPN is quite expensive.


This Swedish VPN provider has proven that it is trustworthy and reliable. It is a zero logs VPN that comes with OpenVPN encryption by default on its Windows app. It has servers in over 50 countries and fast enough for streaming. What’s more, this VPN unblocks popular services like Netflix and iPlayer. The software for Windows has a killswitch. So if you want to BitTorrent this VPN is perfect. An excellent all-rounder that is good if you want something workable and cheap. Test it thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.


This Bulgarian provider is a superb VPN for Windows that will not break the bank. Despite being relatively inexpensive this VPN has an extremely fully featured Windows app. VPNArea is a Zero logs service, and because it implements strong OpenVPN encryption it can keep your data secure both at home and on public WiFi. This VPN isn’t the fastest in the world. However, it is fast enough for streaming in HD. And this VPN unblocks a massive amount of popular services including US Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer. A very interesting service that is definitely worth testing with its 14-day money-back guarantee.